House Cleaning Sioux Falls

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Housecleaning is what people do to remove mess, trash, and dirt from houses and put things where they belong so the house looks neat.

Housecleaning makes it easier to see the floor and furniture without clutter in the way. It also leaves fewer places for spiders and insects to live and removes dust so that people in the house can breathe more easily. Housecleaning may be sweeping the floor with a broom, cleaning rugs with a vacuum cleaner, cleaning clothes and putting them away, and washing windows. Washing a sponge, squeezing out the water, and placing it on a dish rack to dry is also part of housecleaning

Our Cleaning Services:

  • Standard Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Green Cleaning
  • Move-in Cleaning
  • Move Out Cleaning
  • Occasional Cleaning
  • Special Event Cleaning



What is included in a basic house cleaning?

This includes dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors in all rooms.

How long should it take to clean a house?​

A deep clean take a lot longer than a maintenance clean. But maintenance clean should take about three hours.

How do I prepare my house for cleaning?

  • Pick up household items, important documents, bills and other papers etc.
  • Secure valuables such as jewelry, small electronics and loose cash.
  • Put away the pets
  • Identify problem areas that need special cleaning attention

How often should you have your house cleaned?​

The simplest answer to this question is as often as possible, at least two times a week.